Greetings Beautiful Folk!

28 Aug

As I am at this moment, looking at my clock:   10:37PM, Tuesday night, this is my very first post.  I am at this time saying “WELCOME!!!!”  Humbly thanking you for peeping in on me in my corner of the world. Yolanda is my name, primarily familiar with me in the “house culture”, knows me by Yolie.  Brooklyn born & bred,  residing in Long Island, NY ~ happily married, with 2 “grown children”….both over 21 yrs old & OUT ~ on their own, living their lives.  Currently work a 9-5 job but have a love for house music and photography.  Just on this earth to do my best to spread love of music, impart inspirational msgs from notable persons and capturing from my little “boobie”, my NIKON of what my eye sees out in this beautiful place ~ EARTH.  

Enjoy the ride while it lasts!  

Peace and Blessings always!


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