Circle of Sisters Expo 2012 / Jacob Javits Center; NYC, NY

23 Oct

Greetings all!

Well…it has been a couple of months, just about literally, since my last blog.  I have a confession to make:  I really don’t do the blog thing too much BUT I plan on doing it more often.  At times, I wish that I was a clone…in order to have more to do as a “twin”, per se.  But since I do not have a twin or am do not have a clone, I will have to make it my resolve not to be so preoccupied in doing other things OR be so engulfed in doing 1 or couple of things.  So without due, I want share with you my reflections on the above venue, C.OS. Expo. Oct. 6th ~  It was my very 1st visit….for what I understand, it was their 5 or 6th yr….I may have done well to have the the actual start date….I’m lazy now(lol).  It was a VERRRY interesting day.  My bff Teresa was with me & she had a great time.  I had a really nice time….as an ‘unofficial’ photographer for the venue.  Carried a 5lb Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G lens…not to mention 1 of my oversized handbags & of course, my camera bag with my lovely Nikon D5000 dslr camera & my outdated business cards…..Thank GOD I will have my new business cards coming my way next week.  Btw, I will return to the Javits Center this Saturday for the PDN Photo Expo (another 1st for me) 😉  I have still ALOT to learn of the craft & art of Photography.  Once again, I have myself to blame for not learning much, much sooner.  I have been busy dancing, going to soulful house parties, worrying about my adult son (he’s in his early 20’s who recently moved down South), got married (my anniv. 2/18/11), looking after my grandmom, my mother & my sister who has not treated life very well for most of her adult life.  Ok, ok….I know I’m rambling on & on & on….Well, back to the C.O.S. expo.  Circle of Sisters hosts a variety of speakers, authors, seminars, inspirational services, R&B and gospels concert in addition to the more than 200 vendors. I was able to shoot a handful of celebs; singers & actors, radio personalities & I was quite excited!  Didn’t do any sizable purchases for that there were alot of vending booths.  There were some selling handbags, lingerie, book signings by some celebrities, music blasting from 2 different spots, jazz music lovers website signings, an r&b station WBLS is the ‘head~houncho’ for the venue, for which they got loads of support whereby other sponsors. I was happy to have run into a handful of my relatives (2 cousins…1 of which who is an electrician), the other was with her common-law husband & their little girl.  After about 7 hrs of walking, switching lenses, talking, laughing w/my bff, doing some light eating & briefly sitting down to relieve my back & feet, it was a wrap for me & so on our merry way we went left to venture back to Brooklyn to drop my bff home but it was an excruciating ride….all because the Brooklyn Bridge was closed for that wkend.  Like it has been said, “You learn something every day.”  The ‘iron horse’ will be the only means of travel when going to events or venues like this….that will be the case for this upcoming weekend for sure….Hope I didn’t bore you any. 😉

Have a splendid rest of your day all!



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